DKIM Record Checker

Use This Tool To Check, Lookup, And Validate Your SPF Record.

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DKIM Checker

Is your organization capable of authenticating email and thereby securing email traffic? A valid DKIM record must be published in order to use DKIM. This kind of verification is crucial to DMARC protection. To verify the DKIM Record that has been published for a certain domain, use our Free DKIM checker.

DomainKeys Identified Mail (DKIM)

DomainKeys Identified Mail is an email authentication method that allows the receiving server to check if an email was sent and authorized by the owner of the email’s domain. The email is given a digital signature which is a header that is added to the message and secured with encryption.

Why look up your DKIM record?

To verify if the DKIM TXT record is published in DNS for the domain, to check the DKIM TXT record syntax that was published and to validate the selector's DKIM public key.

How DKIM authentication works

Each DKIM-signed email message contains a DomainKeys Identified Mail-Signature header field. When a message is received, the receiving mail server can use the information in the DKIM-Signature header field to verify the message's authenticity.