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Protecting legal firms against email phishing and fraud

Stop unauthorized and malicious use of your legal domain.

Why should you care?

It’s never been more critical to have robust cyber security measures to protect your firm, clients, and reputation. Our cyber security solutions are designed specifically for the legal sector and to conform to the SRA’s published guidelines.


90% of cyberattacks start with a phishing email

$12 million

$12 Million of client money stolen in a year by cybercriminals, solicitors reported


25% of legal firms have been targeted by cybercriminals

In an industry of pure trust, follow the zero-trust approach for email security.

As an attorney, your whole business model is based on trust. But in today’s world of creative fraudsters and phishing attacks, that trust can become a massive liability. Fortunately, Skysnag can help you defend against these threats with our intelligent email security tool. By taking a few extra security precautions, your law firm can avoid domain phishing attacks and keep your firm safe. With Skysnag, you can have the peace of mind that your firm is protected against the latest threats.

Stop financial and data loss

Spoofing emails for fraudsters aim to steal money or personal information from the recipient. It would be normal for clients who are used to paying your firm to receive a legitimate-looking email with payment details, especially if it seems to originate from

For clients used to paying your firm for services rendered, getting a legitimate-looking email with payment details won’t seem unusual, especially if it comes from An email from a colleague or senior partner urgently requesting information will almost certainly be considered “standard procedure” for lawyers.

Still, the email may not be legitimate if your domain is unprotected. With Skysnag, you guarantee that no fake emails hit the inboxes of your attorneys or customers, meaning that neither they nor you risk losing money or data.