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Protect your brand and email sender reputation
BIMI Digital Trademark
Issue a verified blue checkmark for your emails

Purchase the Protect plan to unlock deliverability features especially for businesses with high marketing and outreach email volume.

(Save up to 22%)



billed annually

Best for exploring DMARC and personal use

  • Includes 1 domain name

  • Hosted DMARC

    Manage DMARC and monitor your email sending activity
  • Hosted SPF

    Manage your SPF record without going to your DNS



billed annually

Best for SMEs looking to safeguard their email sender reputation

  • Includes 2 domain names

  • Genius DMARC Enforcement

    Enables our autonomous enforcement of DMARC. This method represents the quickest and most secure way to achieve the strictest levels of DMARC enforcement.
  • Genius SPF

    Our proprietary real-time authentication for optimal email deliverability, overcoming the 10 lookup limit, syntax errors, and DNS issues associated with SPF.
  • DKIM and SPF alignment

    Automatically catch and fix SPF and DKIM alignment issues across all your email senders.
  • Domain Guard

    Real-time protection against blacklists, including immediate notifications if your domain is listed on DNSBLs such as Spamhaus, and streamline removal requests
  • Google Postmaster Compliance

    Coverage of the guidelines and standards established by Google for email senders ensures their emails achieve optimal deliverability and avoid spam filters.
  • Priority Managed Support

    Access to email expert support




Managed solutions for email deliverability and advanced email authentication

  • Everything on Protect plan…

  • Custom domains

  • Unmetered volume

  • Multi-tenant Domain Visibility and Management

  • Downloadable Reports

  • Dedicated Account Manager

MSP or Agency?

Manage domains in bulk

Tailored Email Volume

Pay-As-You-Go Model

Multi-Tenant Platform

Monitor Protect Enterprise
Fast, easy-to-use email security and deliverability suite
Fast, easy to use email authentication system to monitor and manage all third party email senders you are using.
Email volume (monthly)
Monitor the volume of emails sent outside your domain, aggregating data across all your email services like Google, MailChimp, HubSpot, and more.
From 20,000 up-to 100,000
From 250,000 up-to 5,000,000
The number of websites and domain names within your plan.
1 domain
2 domains
Custom domain licenses
Data Retention
The length of time your data is stored and can be accessed, ensuring your account’s historical information is managed effectively.
30 days
365 days
Genius sender detection
Our unique SPF technology that enhance your email sender’s authentication process, allows constant SPF passing and improves email deliverability.
*Adding a domain name incurs a fee of $20 for the Monitor plan and $100 for the Protect plan.
Genius DMARC
Provides enhanced security measures to protect against unauthorized email use. The technology streamlines email authentication and enforces DMARC into strict policies (p=reject), reducing the risk of fraud and improving security.
Enforcement enabled (p=reject)
Enforcement enabled (p=reject)
Genius SPF
Solves all SPF failures, look-up limits, syntax errors. Auto configures SPF and allows SPF passing authentications to be performed in real-time.
Real-time IP Authentication
AlwaysPass DKIM and SPF alignment
Successful DKIM and SPF verifications across all authorized sending services.
Domain Guard
(coverage 500+ blacklists)
Monitors and protects against real-time blacklisting to maintain email deliverability, with Skysnag’s daily proactive monitoring approach across over 500 global blacklists.
Activated BIMI, VMC, and blue checkmark
Fully activates BIMI, VMC registration and issuance, Trademark Registration. Achieves visible trust through the blue checkmark on your emails in your customers’ inboxes whenever they receive your email.
Available as add-on
Authentication Coverage
DMARC is a protocol embraced by all major email clients, offering guidance on whether messages meet or fail the compliance standards for best practices in email delivery. It serves as a key indicator of a domain’s and email’s reputation, influencing how email clients handle these messages.
SPF (Sender Policy Framework) is a protocol designed to prevent sender address forgery, allowing email domain owners to publish a list of IP addresses or subnets that are authorized to send email on their behalf. It helps receivers to verify that incoming mail from a domain comes from an IP address authorized by that domain’s administrators.
DKIM reporting
DKIM (DomainKeys Identified Mail) is a security protocol that links a domain name to an email message, asserting its legitimacy and ensuring it hasn’t been tampered with during sending. It employs cryptographic signatures to verify that an email is authorized by the domain owner and remains unaltered. Its use enhances email security and helps protect the sender reputation of a domain.
BIMI (Brand Indicators for Message Identification) is a standard that enables companies to display their logos and a blue verified checkmark in email clients, visually authenticating the sender. BIMI boosts email deliverability by affirming the sender’s domain as reputable and compliant with best practices, thus enhancing domain reputation and email success rates. BIMI cannot be activated by simply adding the record in the DNS, there are numerous steps taken to activate BIMI, explained here.
Hosting only
Hosting only
TLS-RPT(TLS-Reporting) A protocol for reporting on the success or failure of Transport Layer Security (TLS) in email delivery. It helps domain owners identify and fix issues with their email transport security policies, promoting the use of encryption to secure email in transit.
MTA-STS (Mail Transfer Agent-Strict Transport Security) is a standard that protects email sender reputation by enabled email sending and receiving domains to declare their ability to support secure connections, and to specify that sending MTAs should refuse to deliver to MX hosts that do not offer TLS encryption. This aims to enhance email transport security by ensuring encryption between mail servers.
Managed Support
A specialized professional assigned to oversee your account, providing personalized support, strategic guidance, and direct communication to ensure your needs and goals are met effectively.
Chat and email
Dedicated and managed
support + account manager

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