Email Authentication

Great to configure necessary protocols

Digital Trademark

Activate BIMI and the blue checkmark


For independent use and startups


5,000 emails/ month

  • 1 Domain

  • 60-day Data Retention

  • Hosted DMARC

  • Hosted SPF

Most Value


For mid-size businesses


250,000 emails/ month

  • 2 Domains

  • 365-Day Data Retention

  • Genius DMARC Enforcement

    Safest way to enforce DMARC and avoid losing emails, includes the first automated approach to enforcing DMARC, and aligning SPF + DKIM
  • Genius SPF

    Auto bypasses any SPF syntax error
  • Domain Guard

    Real-time protection against blacklists, with immediate notification if your domain is listed on DNSBLs like Spamhaus, and generate removal requests with Skysnag
  • Hosted BIMI

    Access the fastest way to activated BIMI, streamlines the entire process of receiving the blue checkmark and your logo on every email you send

Customized Offer

Talk to us for unmetered domains, and high volume pricing.


Custom Volume emails/ month

  • Custom number of domains

  • Custom number of emails

  • API access

MSP or Agency?

Manage domains in bulk

Tailored Email Volume

Pay-As-You-Go Model

Multi-Tenant Platform

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is email deliverability, and why is it important?

  • Will my emails get affected if I add a DMARC record?

  • Does Skysnag have access to my email content?

  • Can you invoice me?

  • We use Google Apps/Outlook, is my domain DMARC enforced?