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Making sure good initiatives are safe from spammers and hackers.

Stop unauthorized and malicious use of your NGO’s domain.

Protect your employees, donors, beneficiaries, and volunteers.

Email fraud – including business email compromise (BEC) and other email spoofing attacks – continues to impact financial services institutions worldwide.


97% of people cannot correctly identify a phishing email.

$2 million

$2 Million losses caused by CEO-CFO fraud in the last 3 years


274%, the rise in phishing attacks in the last 4 years

The solution

The DMARC protocol was developed to prevent cybercriminals from accessing your organization’s domain. It protects your domain from third-party attempts to send emails on your behalf. However, securely implementing DMARC without blocking valid communications can be difficult. We at Skysnag value charities’ initiatives and believe there should be no obstacles to them adopting DMARC.

Active cyber protection

With Skysnag, implementing email authentication becomes easy. We’ll provide the DNS setup you need and walk you through the process of protecting your domain step by step. DMARC is compatible with your existing email contact setup and works at the DNS level. There will be no modifications to the existing activities or procedures and no delays or latency.