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Email doesn’t inherit authentication. Without DMARC enforcement, any SMTP server can use your business domain name to send out emails.


Without DMARC, hackers and other malicious users can impersonate messages, making them appear to come from your organization or domain. Turning off DMARC puts your users and your contacts at risk for spam, spoofing, and phishing.
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DMARC ensures the destination email systems trust messages sent from your domain. Using DMARC with SPF and DKIM gives organizations more protection against spoofing and phishing email. DMARC helps receiving mail systems decide what to do with messages from your domain that fail SPF or DKIM checks.

SPF Record CheckerIs your domain SPF-protected from spammers and phishers who are likely to forge emails pretending to be from your domain? A genuine SPF record must be published in order to use SPF. Use our free SPF checker to validate the published SPF Record for your domain.

Sender Policy Framework (SPF)

Sender Policy Framework is an email authentication protocol that domain admins deploy to prevent spammers from spoofing their domain.

How SPF authentication works?

SPF verifies the IP address of the sender against the alleged owner of the transmitting domain in order to validate the origin of email messages. The SPF data identifies approved email servers for outbound traffic. Target email systems check to make sure that emails come from trusted outbound email servers.

How can I add an SPF record for my third-party email senders?

To add SPF records for those third-party senders, Information Services must add network configuration records depending on the information provided by those third-party senders.