Email security made cloud-friendly for startups.

Startups face the same phishing risks as big corporations.

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Get quick and full domain name protection with Skysnag automated cloud friendly DMARC

How can we help your business?
Skysnag simplifies the complexities of the email security protocol, DMARC, by automating processes and providing clear instructions on blocking unauthorized use of your domain. This protects business email communications both internally and externally with customers, suppliers, and partners.
Can't a startup set up DMARC on its own?
As a startup, it requires full-time cybersecurity professionals to configure and implement DMARC. Sksynag is there to save you effort & time and to protect your brand from the start, so you ensure email deliverability and your customers' protection during your growth journey.
We use Google/Microsoft to run our mail services. Can they implement DMARC for us?
The owner of the sending domain is responsible for publishing the right DMARC policies in DNS. Email receivers would be unable to authenticate emails or block spoofed messages that originate from that domain if those policies are not set. Google, Microsoft, and all U.S.-based email service providers support DMARC but don’t set up policies for your domain which is the tricky and extensive job that Skysnag provides.

how it works

How Skysnag works

03 Steps

01. Insight
See who is using your domain to send fake emails. We analyze and interpret the DMARC reports you receive to show what’s going on across your email domain.
02. Action
Auto-classify legitimate senders and surface the bad. We save you time with automated classification and provide specific actions so you can secure your genuine email sources and block fake ones.
03. Protection
Stop criminals sending fraudulent emails in your name. Once DMARC is fully deployed, we will continue monitoring new email sources to protect against further attacks and ensure ongoing protection.

Our demo starts with an attacker in your mailbox.

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