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Email impersonation can be dangerous and sometimes severe. Skysnag protects your domain and emails against phishing. Protect your team’s security today.

96% of all cybersecurity attacks start with an email

$ 12 Billion
the total loss from BEC scams
68 %
of all phishing emails have never been seen before
12 min
is the average length of a phishing campaign

A zero-trust approach to email security — with superior protection.

Genius Impersonation Detection

SkySnag's solution identifies threats in real-time and allows you to block them on-the-go; eliminating direct domain phishing and spoofing forever.

End Direct Domain Phishing Forever

Skysnag's threat detection automatically identifies any illegitimate source as a threat and gives you detailed reporting.

Speed up DMARC Enforcement

Enforce DMARC within weeks, not months, and with minimal technical assistance.

Increase Domain Reputation & Deliverability

Safeguard your domain reputation and deliverability, and ensure all your emails end up in your recipient's inbox, not in spam.

Simple & Secure Management

Manage SPF, DMARC, DKIM from within SkySnag, without accessing your DNS. And remove any human error.

Autonomous & Resilient Security

Tokenized encryption with the confidence of autonomous IP updates lays as a foundation of our security and privacy.

Protect your domain.
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Increase email deliverability and protect your domain with Skysnag.

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