Protect your organization from phishing attacks, autonomously.

Get a phishing analysis report for your domain name

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Works with 500+ sources


Email impersonation can be dangerous and sometimes severe. Skysnag protects your domain and emails against phishing. Protect your team’s security today.

96% of all cybersecurity attacks start with an email

$ 12 Billion
the total loss from BEC scams
68 %
of all phishing emails have never been seen before
12 min
is the average length of a phishing campaign

A zero-trust approach to email security — with superior protection.

Genius Impersonation Detection

SkySnag's solution identifies threats in real-time and allows you to block them on-the-go; eliminating direct domain phishing and spoofing forever.

End Direct Domain Phishing Forever

Skysnag's threat detection automatically identifies any illegitimate source as a threat and gives you detailed reporting.

Speed up DMARC Enforcement

Enforce DMARC within weeks, not months, and with minimal technical assistance.

Increase Domain Reputation & Deliverability

Safeguard your domain reputation and deliverability, and ensure all your emails end up in your recipient's inbox, not in spam.

Simple & Secure Management

Manage SPF, DMARC, DKIM from within SkySnag, without accessing your DNS. And remove any human error.

Autonomous & Resilient Security

Tokenized encryption with the confidence of autonomous IP updates lays as a foundation of our security and privacy.

Protect your domain.
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Increase email deliverability and protect your domain with Skysnag.

Full domain protection (p=reject) in no time.

How Skysnag works?



We investigate DMARC reports and analyze what is happening on your domain


Configure all your third party senders by following simple steps on our self-explanatory dashboard


Once we detect that all authorized emails are passing with no failure for 10 days, we validate that you are set to enforce.


DMARC, DKIM, and SPF will be configured on your domain. Your domain is now fully protected.


we will continuously monitor your domain for any new threats. You will be notified whenever we block a recent attack.

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