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Skysnag TLS-RPT checker

TLS-RPT record checker

Lookup and validate your TLS-RPT compliance

Check your TLS-RPT security compliance

Skysnag TLS-RPT record
Skysnag TLS-RPT checker

TLS-RPT record generator

Email doesn’t inherit authentication. Without DMARC enforcement, any SMTP server can use your business domain name to send out emails.


Without DMARC, hackers and other malicious users can impersonate messages, making them appear to come from your organization or domain. Turning off DMARC puts your users and your contacts at risk for spam, spoofing, and phishing.
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DMARC ensures the destination email systems trust messages sent from your domain. Using DMARC with SPF and DKIM gives organizations more protection against spoofing and phishing email. DMARC helps receiving mail systems decide what to do with messages from your domain that fail SPF or DKIM checks.

TLS-RPT Record CheckerIs secure email delivery top of your organization’s wants? TLS-RPT has got you covered. TLS-RPT provides complete visibility of your email channels allowing you to view each activity on your domain, eliminating email delivery issues. Check your TLS-RPT record configuration and validate your record using our free TLS-RPT Record Checker


TLS Reporting is a method for enhancing the security of your email communications by requiring all email servers with which you interact to deliver emails to your domain using Transport Layer Security (TLS). This makes it harder for others to intercept and read your email communications.

How to use our TLS-RPT record checker tool?

The procedure is straightforward: input your domain name, select check TLS-RPT and you’ll see a list of all the records that are accessible for that domain name.

How does TLS-RPT work?

TLS-RPT uses a simple, standard format to report back on the TLS status of messages. When an SMTP server receives a message, it checks to see if the message was delivered using TLS. If the message was not delivered using TLS, the SMTP server reports back to the sender with a “fail” status. If the message was delivered using TLS, the SMTP server reports back to the sender with a “success” status.