MTA-STS Record Checker

Use This Tool To Check, Lookup, And Validate Your MTA-STS Record.

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MTA-STS Record Checker

Is your organization thinking of increasing the level of security and encryption between sending and receiving mail servers? MTA-STS checker tool has you covered. Check your MTA-STS record policy and validate your record immediately using our free MTA-STS Record Checker.


is an inbound mail protocol developed to increase the security and encryption between sending and receiving mail servers.

How does MTA-STS work?

A DNS record that instructs mail servers to download a policy file using HTTPS from a specified subdomain is how the MTA-STS protocol operates. This file includes the policy to be used for inbound communications, as well as a list of the recipient's mail servers that have been verified and given permission to accept the messages.

What is MTA-STS configuration?

By requiring authentication checks and encryption for email sent to your domain, MTA-STS enhances Gmail security. TLS reporting can be used to obtain information about external server connections to your domain.