Defense & Protection

Stop unauthorized and malicious use

of your government domain with email authentication

Cybercriminals have leveraged the COVID-19 pandemic to stage all manner of cyberattacks.

Skysnag is the most powerful and reliable solution for government domain protection against phishing attacks. It gives you global visibility on inbound and outbound phishing threats that use your domain.
Automated and secure standards management (SPF, DKIM, and DMARC) with zero PII.
Centralized DMARC reports governance and one-click sender authorization.

Why secure your government domain?

To secure US government offices, DHS has required email authentication with DMARC (BOD 18-01). Implementing DMARC with Skysnag provides complete exposure to all email senders using your domain and 100 percent protection from hackers spoofing/phishing your domain.

Digitization of government services

With the drive to create a ‘digital Britain,’ councils are at the forefront of exploring ways to deliver information and resources that are both tailored and available. In this transition, email will be a vital contact medium, so demonstrating to people that the council has an email service deserving their confidence will be critical.
Skysnag is the only way to verify that anytime an email appears to be from you, it really does.

Protect Data & Stop Financial Loss

The ability to access the personal and banking details of residents is a profitable business for hackers, which is why they spoof domains of government institutions such as local councils and government agencies in hopes that recipients will not question the brand image and legitimacy. Citizens will not hesitate to provide their details.
Attacks on civil servants impersonating council CEOs or Ministers demanding details are becoming more common due to GDPR, and they are proving to be especially expensive.

Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve invested in stable email gateways, malware detection appliances, anti-virus apps, and other tools to protect our company from malicious email. Why do we need DMARC?

DMARC compliance is unique as it can stop 100% of all phishing emails sent from a protected domain, irrespective of who the sender and the recipient are. This level of protection is not obtainable from any other technology or security standard.

Can’t our IT personnel implement DMARC on their own?

They most likely will if given enough time, money, and capital. On the other hand, most in-house DMARC implementation programs take about a year and are lengthy, complicated, time-consuming, and costly. And there’s a high chance of making an error, which may interrupt essential email systems or even cause valid emails to be blocked. Skysnag’s stable, purpose-built cloud infrastructure and experienced staff will set up and manage and maintain your email system in a fast and cost-effective manner.

Can’t google and Microsoft mail servers implement DMARC for us?

The owner of the sending domain is responsible for publishing the right DMARC policies in DNS. Email receivers would be unable to authenticate emails or block spoofed messages that originate from that domain if those policies are not set. Google, Microsoft, and all U.S.-based email service providers support DMARC but don’t set up policies for your domain which is the tricky and extensive job that Skysnag provides.

Our demo starts with an attacker in your mailbox.

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