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Cybercriminals have leveraged the COVID-19 pandemic to stage all manner of cyberattacks.


Of healthcare industry data breaches involve phishing or other email attacks.

$6 billion

Is the cost of the US healthcare data breaches per year


Of employees who click on emails and cause breaches are disciplined

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According to the World Health Organization, cybercriminals perform their attacks by sending phishing emails to healthcare workers. These phishing emails appear to be ordinary work-related emails, but they contain links that might expose the system to cybercriminals if clicked by an unwitting employee. In November 2020, employees at several Boston hospitals, for example, received phishing emails pretending to be from the Department of Health and Human Services seeking COVID-19 statistics but were attempts to access their networks unlawfully. Netwrix’s 2020 Cyber Threats Report analyzed cybersecurity concerns for healthcare organizations and how they have changed since the pandemic began. The report found that phishing attacks had been the sixth greatest cybersecurity concern before the pandemic but are now the single-greatest cybersecurity concern.