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DKIM record checker

Email doesn’t inherit authentication. Without DMARC enforcement, any SMTP server can use your business domain name to send out email.

Check your DKIM record


DKIM Generator

Are your emails being tampered with during transit? Prevent this tampering from happening by using our Free DKIM Generator Tool to generate your DKIM record. You can create public-private key pairs with our Free tool, which is used to digitally "sign" emails. The public key is broadcast on your DNS along with your policy records, while the private key is supplied to mail senders.

What is DKIM?

DomainKeys Identified Mail (DKIM) is a technique of email authentication that helps prevent spammers and other malicious parties from impersonating a valid domain.

What is a DKIM Record?

A unique DNS TXT record stores the public key needed to authenticate emails.

Why should I use Skysnag’s Free DKIM Record Generator Tool?

You can avoid the time and effort required to manually create your DKIM record, which is prone to human mistakes, by using our DKIM Free Generator Tool. If you're just getting started, you may rely on our DKIM record generator to get your email authentication system off to the correct start.