Protecting your faculty, students, and staff

against phishing attacks.


Protect your institution’s Reputation

Attackers know that educational organizations have a lower security level than other organizations, and they take advantage of it.

90 %
of colleges and universities are putting students, alumni, and faculty at risk by not providing protection from email phishing,
$ 2 million
was lost by one university due to one phishing attack.
30 %
of users in the education industry have fallen for phishing emails.

Attackers choose the best time to attack

As a result of Covid-19 and the shift to remote learning environments, the amount of data collected on school and university servers has increased, as has the number of cyber threats they are facing.
As schools were closed for a summer vacation in July and August, Barracuda researchers found a decline in spear-phishing attacks targeting the education sector. Cyber threats have dropped below normal in these months. However, in June and September, the last and first months of the academic year, there was an increase in spear-phishing attacks compared to the average.
  • Overall Attacks
  • Targeting Education

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