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How DMARC Facilitates GDPR Compliance

October 12, 2023  |  2 min read

The importance of DMARC for GDPR is straightforward: It offers transparency into any email sending service that uses your company’s domain. DMARC is a very helpful technology you should include in your compliance toolkit because of GDPR.

DMARC can be configured to have a monitor-only policy (p=none) for this reason. Even though it offers no defense against email impersonation, it does enable businesses to begin compiling aggregate information and obtaining exposure. Additionally, once you switch your DMARC policy from simple visibility to enforcement (p=quarantine or p=reject), you will ensure that only senders with whom you have a DPA will be allowed to send emails to you.

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

The GDPR’s main goals are to restore citizens’ and residents’ sovereignty over their personal data and to streamline the regulatory framework for transnational business by harmonizing EU regulations.

How DMARC Facilitates GDPR Compliance

Listing all of the providers that send emails on your behalf is important for GDPR compliance. This is due to GDPR’s need that you enter into a data processing agreement (DPA) with each cloud service provider that handles customer data on your behalf in Europe.

The most accurate approach to listing the providers is by enabling DMARC, which initially starts at p=none, also labelled as ‘monitoring’ policy. Although (p=none) is sufficient in informing mail clients to send DMARC reports to the domain owner, it still has no efficiency against domain spoofing/email impersonation.

That’s where the importance of DMARC enforcement comes into the picture. To ensure that only senders with whom you have signed a DPA can actually send email on your behalf from your domain, a strict enforcement policy has to be set. Skysnag is an email authentication and enforcement solution that enforces DMARC into the strictest policy (p=reject), shielding your organization from any repercussions that could arise from email impersonation and spoofing such as unauthorized disclosures and data gathering.

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