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What is ARP Spoofing?

October 12, 2023  |  2 min read

Spoofing attacks alter email headers to make it appear as if the message came from a different sender. This can be accomplished by altering the From field or other header elements. This article will concentrate on what an ARP spoofing attack is and how to prevent your business from falling victim to this attack. Spoofing attacks are known to damage your company’s reputation which results in significant financial losses. Let’s first understand what it means:

What is ARP Spoofing?

ARP spoofing is a sort of cybercrime where the hacker sends fake ARP packets to connect their Media Access Control address, or MAC address, with the target’s IP address.

How does ARP Spoofing work?

ARP spoofing occurs on a local area network (LAN) via an ARP. ARP is a protocol that connects a dynamic internet protocol (IP) address to a physical machine address.

Hackers transmit ARP packets with their MAC address and the IP address of the target. Using this method, the router and device are tricked into connecting to the hacker rather than the legitimate owner of the IP address.

ARP spoofing is a contributing factor in cybercrimes such Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS), session hijacking, persistent packet theft, and communication alteration.

How to Prevent ARP Spoofing?

Sign up to a Detection Tool- Create a Skysnag account to generate your DMARC record instantly and ensure your domain remains free of spoofing attacks.

Use a Virtual Private Network (VPN)—a VPN enables connections to the Internet through a secure tunnel for devices. This renders every communication encrypted and useless to a hacker using this attack.

Use static ARP—the ARP protocol enables you to specify a static ARP entry for an IP address and stop devices from monitoring ARP answers for that address by defining the static ARP entry. If a workstation consistently connects to the same router, for instance, you can set a static ARP entry for that router to prevent attacks.


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