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How to Setup DKIM for G suite / Google Workspace?

October 11, 2023  |  2 min read
G suite / Google Workspace

DKIM is specified in RFC 6376, and it is used by a number of email service providers, including Google, Yahoo, and Microsoft. DKIM is designed to address some of the flaws in the existing email system, such as spoofing, phishing, and message tampering. It allows email senders to digitally sign their messages in a way that can be verified by email receivers. This allows receivers to verify that the message truly came from the sender, and has not been tampered with.

How to Setup DKIM for Google Workspace (G suite)

  1. Log in with super administrator rights to your Google Admin panel (at
  2. Go to Google Workspace > Apps Google Workspace > Apps > Gmail.
  3. Click “Authenticate email.”
  4. By default, your principal domain is chosen. Select a different domain where you’ll be using DKIM by clicking your principal domain name.
  5. Select “Generate new record.” Remember the security of 2048-bit keys exceeds that of 1024-bit keys. Consider the DKIM key bit length that your domain supports before choosing it.
  6. Click “Generate.” As demonstrated below, a DNS TXT record will be created:


  7. Check to see if the DNS TXT record generated in step 6 has been automatically inserted if you are using a Gsuite domain host partner. In any other case, make sure your DNS has the DNS TXT entry created in step 6 above.
  8. Log into your Skysnag account, and then click DKIM record lookup to verify that you have published your DKIM DNS record correctly. insert your domain and selector click DKIM Lookup.

The record will be retrieved and presented if it was correctly published.

  1. In your Gsuite admin interface, click “Start Authentication” after inserting the DKIM TXT DNS record.

10. To ensure that emails are DKIM signed, you can send a test email to another Gsuite user and check the headers.

You can use Skysnag’s free DKIM Checker to check the health of your DKIM record here

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For more information on G suite / Google Workspace DKIM setup, you can refer to their reference documentation

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