Your emails, in inbox.

Ensuring millions of emails land into inbox everyday

Analyze your domain

Get an assessment on your email compliance


Email Security

Stop impersonators and prevent getting blacklisted.

Email Deliverability

Land in inbox, increase email deliverability and return on your email campaigns.

Blue Checkmark

Get your logo and a blue checkmark on every email your recipient receives from you.

Validate and Verify

Ensure your customer email lists are always updated to prevent email bounces and failures.

What you get with Skysnag

  • Ensure your emails get delivered straight into inbox.

  • Experience an increase in email open, reply rates, and domain reputation.

  • Maximize your email revenue to validate the resources invested in email campaigns.

  • Ensure your customer email lists are up-to-date and avoid falling into bounced and delivery failures.


Increase in open rates


Increase in email authentication rate


Increase in purchase intent


Increase in email reply rates

Compatible with your infrastructure

Skysnag plugs in all major email service providers and supports custom providers.

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Active Campaign

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Delivering your message
to the world, into inbox.

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Reach your audience, not the spam folder.

Designed by email experts for email experts

Prevent spoofing with DMARC

Prevent impersonation by setting up DMARC policies and guiding inbox providers on handling unauthenticated emails.

Avoid blacklists

Get notified immediately if your domain is listed on DNSBLs like Spamhaus, and generate removal requests with Skysnag.

Bluecheckmark with BIMI

Have your logo and the blue checkmark on every email you send.

Zero bounce rate

Safeguard your reputation by avoiding sending to error-returned email addresses.

Verify DNS Records

Boost Your Sender Credibility with DNS Record verification, DKIM, SPF, MTA-STS, and TLS-RPT.

Email Warmups

Ensure emails sent out are recognized as verified by mail clients.

Clean Email Lists

Auto-validate and verify your customer
email list.

24/7 IP and Domain Monitoring

Keep an eye on your IP and domain health by checking your DNS setup for errors or setbacks. Get alerts about any changes that might affect your email delivery.

Battle-tested infrastructure

Rely on a platform that is able to detect and authenticate any of your active sending IP's.

Have your logo on
every email you send

Stand out in a crowded inbox

20% increase in open rates

Gain competitive advantage

34% increase in purchase intent


Secure and preserve your brand at any scale with a high-performance solution for email authentication.
Our security measures guarantee the protection and preservation of your brand at any scale. All customer data is stored in physically secure AWS facilities, featuring 24/7 on-site security, camera surveillance, and more. Our data centers are SOC 2, ISO 27001, and HITRUST certified, ensuring the highest standards of security and compliance. Skysnag is also undergoing SOC 2 and ISO 27001 audits, further demonstrating our commitment to safeguarding your brand.

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