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How SignWell relies on Skysnag to authenticate and deliver 5M emails

Skysnag made it easy to successfully implement DMARC, protect our domain, and avoid any mistakes during the implementation process. I highly recommend Skysnag to anyone looking to set up DMARC for their domain.

Meet SignWell

SignWell is an e-signature platform that is trusted by over 61,000 businesses globally. Businesses depend on SignWell to simplify and enhance the processes of preparing, signing, executing, and managing agreements. With a track record of more than 4 million signed documents, SignWell stands as a one of the leaders in e-signature space.

SignWell prioritizes security as one of its fundamentals, adhering to rigorous security standards and controls, including HIPAA and SOC 2. Email authentication is deemed crucial for safeguarding customers against impersonation attempts and ensuring a healthy email inbox placement rate for the documents being shared on the platform.

Combating Phishing in e-Signatures and Improving Email Deliverability

As electronic signatures become more common, they increasingly face phishing attacks. With the rise of online agreements, there has been a notable increase in impersonation incidents. Moreover, ensuring emails reach intended inboxes is crucial. With billions of emails sent yearly, many are wrongly marked as spam. Ruben Gomez, CEO at SignWell, stresses the importance of continuously adapting to email provider best practices to avoid spam filters and ensure effective communication.

"This is where Skysnag has proven to be an indispensable ally for SignWell." - Ruben Gomez

By integrating Skysnag, 38 valid sending sources from multiple IP addresses were identified within the first 48 hours. Using Skysnag's Genius SPF mechanism, the DMARC data was enriched, configuration of DKIM and SPF was executed on all sources to ensure compliance, and our automated mechanism towards DMARC enforcement allowed a strict enforcement policy of p=reject to be applied in the beginning of the second week. Incidents related to blacklisting risks were directly detected using Skysnag's domain guard whereby takedowns were addressed instantly.

Redacted dashboard snapshot of successful SignWell emails delivered and domain health - Skysnag

Today, SignWell boasts a 100% passing rate with 100% of spoof attempts blocked in the past 365 days, thus elevating SignWell's email delivery process.



SignWell is a cloud-based electronic signature software that provides businesses across all industries with the tools to capture legally binding eSignatures on documents.



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August 2022