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Important Announcement: Meet Google and Yahoo requirements before February 1, 2024

January 12, 2024  |  2 min read

As of February 1, 2024, Gmail and Yahoo will require you to authenticate your domain and have a DMARC record in order to send emails to customers from a branded email address. This change will significantly affect email marketing, influencing how businesses communicate with their audience, and failure to reach to compliance poses a risk on landing into spam.

What happens if you miss the deadline?

If your business relies on email to communicate with customers and you haven't implemented email authentication, these upcoming changes will significantly affect how well your emails reach Gmail and Yahoo users. This becomes more severe for businesses sending over 5,000 emails daily that don’t use SPF or DKIM, or don’t have a DMARC policy in place. Not having these could lead to a significant number of undelivered emails.

Understanding DMARC and Its Importance

DMARC is an email authentication protocol designed to give email domain owners control over who sends emails on their behalf. By specifying a policy in their DNS records, domain owners can instruct email providers on how to handle unauthenticated mails.

Impact on Email Deliverability

The primary impact of this update will be on email deliverability. Without DMARC, your emails might be flagged as spam or rejected entirely by email providers. This can significantly reduce the effectiveness of your email campaigns, as your messages may not reach your intended audience.

Enhanced Email Security and Trust

On the upside, DMARC helps in reducing the risk of email fraud, such as phishing and spoofing. By implementing DMARC, you’re not only complying with Google's mandate but also enhancing the trustworthiness of your emails. Recipients are more likely to engage with emails that are verified and secure, potentially increasing your campaign’s open and click-through rates.

Skysnag can help

Skysnag is a leader in email authentication. We offer tools, resources, and expertise to assess your current status and guide you toward compliance with the new requirements.

Skysnag simplifies the process of DMARC implementation, ensuring that your email campaigns are compliant with Google's latest updates. Our solution also covers SPF, BIMI, MTA-STS, and TLS-RPT. For transactional emails from applications or third-party partners, Skysnag ensures DKIM signing and helps achieve DMARC alignment quickly.

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