How Entrust and Skysnag Are Elevating Email Security with Automated BIMI Compliance

April 2, 2024  |  2 min read

Skysnag's Strategic Partnership for Comprehensive Blue Checkmark Acquisition: In a strategic move to provide customers with a comprehensive and streamlined experience, Skysnag has entered into a partnership with Entrust. This collaboration aims to bolster Skysnag's commitment to simplifying the process of obtaining the blue checkmark, ensuring a seamless and holistic digital identity solution for businesses and individuals.

Entrust's Expertise in Strengthening Digital Identity: Entrust, a global leader in trusted payments, identities, and data security, brings its wealth of expertise to enhance Skysnag's capabilities. By integrating with Entrust, Skysnag seeks to go beyond merely obtaining the blue checkmark, aiming to provide customers with a holistic digital identity solution that covers every aspect needed for a robust online presence.

BIMI represents a significant advancement for email marketing, and its integration with DMARC enforcement promises enhanced security across the board. Entrust has been at the forefront of digital security, consistently recognized for its expertise in providing trusted solutions in the realm of digital certificates, identity, and encryption. Their commitment to innovation and security has positioned them as a global leader in safeguarding digital identities and data.

Entrust and Skysnag are collaborating to streamline the process for enterprises to implement Domain-based Message Authentication, Reporting & Conformance (DMARC), an essential email authentication, policy, and reporting protocol, and to obtain VMCs, essential for BIMI compliance. Entrust's state-of-the-art platform, backed by extensive expertise, ensures efficient, scalable, and automated certificate management. In parallel, the Skysnag platform simplifies DMARC compliance and offers an automated approach for clients to manage BIMI configurations.

VMCs offer several advantages to early adopters:

  • Ensure consistent visibility of your logo in customers' inboxes even before they access the email.
  • Enhance protection against identity-focused attacks by adhering to DMARC compliance.
  • Foster a genuine, cohesive, and recognizable brand journey from email to conversion.
  • Differentiate your communications from the noise.
  • Boost deliverability and open rates by an estimated 10%.

DMARC enforcement plays a pivotal role for businesses combatting the surge in email phishing activities. DMARC provides insights into email originations from a domain and empowers entities to regulate which services or servers can dispatch emails on their behalf. Through an enforcement strategy, unauthorized senders utilizing the domain get automatically restricted by a majority of recipient mail servers globally. VMCs permit businesses leveraging DMARC to showcase a verified, trademarked logo adjacent to the "sender" section in recipients' inboxes. Initiated by the AuthIndicators Working Group, the BIMI initiative aims to cultivate a more reliable inbox experience for email users universally by amplifying authentication measures to diminish email deceit.

Entrust's unparalleled expertise and dedication to digital security are evident in their extensive portfolio and industry accolades, setting them apart as a trusted partner for organizations seeking robust security solution.

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