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What is Phishing Simulation?

October 11, 2023  |  2 min read

According to IRONSCALES survey, on the current Findings from State of cybersecurity, 81% of firms worldwide have seen an increase in email phishing attempts in recent years; it’s vital that you strengthen that line of defense by training your personnel to recognize a phishing attack

However, how can you demonstrate to your staff what a phishing assault looks like? 

In this article, we focus on what Phishing simulation is, how it works, and its importance. Let’s first look at what it means. 

What is phishing simulation? 

Phishing simulation is a software that allows firms to send realistic phishing emails to employees in order to assess their understanding of attacks and what to do when they receive phishing emails, while also protecting them from social engineering assaults. 

How Do Phishing Simulations Work? 

You conduct phishing simulations to instruct your staff on how to counter the attack in order to guard against it. 

In order to teach users how to recognize the warning indications of a malicious email, phishing simulations are typically provided as part of a larger security awareness training program. The simulation then puts the users’ knowledge to the test by presenting itself as a fresh email in their mailbox. The landing page that appears when a user interacts with the simulation by downloading an attachment or clicking on a “malicious” link usually outlines what they ought to have done. Whether a user engages with the simulation or reports it to their IT team will indicate how effective their training was.

Why Phishing Simulation is Important 

Cybercriminals continue to design new frauds and enhance phishing attacks as organizations implement anti-phishing techniques and inform their users about cyber security. These expanding and sophisticated attack strategies aimed to deceive personnel put your company in danger of data loss and financial fraud. Phishing simulation defends your company by assisting in the prevention of potentially catastrophic attacks that can get past security checkpoints. 


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