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How to Publish DMARC Records on Bluehost

July 5, 2022  |  < 1 min read
  1. Log in to Bluehost and go to your dashboard
  2. On your home page, on the left-hand-side menu bar click on Domains
  3. On the Domains page, select the DNS tab from the top menu and click on Edit next to your desired domain
  4. This will show you the DNS section where you can modify and/or add your DMARC record 
  5. Select TXT as your record Type
  6. In the Host Record field, type “_dmarc”.
  7. Add TTL as 14400
  8. Use our tool to generate your DMARC record instantly:

9. Click on the Add Record button to save changes

10. Check your published DMARC record.

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