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SPF Generator

Are your company's emails being labeled as spam or junk as a result of issues with Sender Policy Framework (SPF) TXT records configured for your domain? The ideal SPF free record generator tool has been created by Skysnag for you. You can create a new SPF record or amend an existing one using the SPF Record Generator tool. You can also verify that the modified record has the proper syntax.

What is an SPF Record?

SPF records are a type of Domain Name Service (DNS) record that can be used to help verify the identity of an email sender. The record specifies which mail servers are authorized to send email on behalf of a given domain.

Why SPF Records Are Important to add to your domain?

SPF Records prevent sender address forgery by securing the envelope sender address, allowing the domain administrator to specify which mail servers are allowed to deliver mail from their domain.

Why should I use Skysnag’s Free SPF Record Generator Tool?

Using our fast free SPF record generator to set up SPF for your domain enables receiving MTAs to verify which IP addresses are authorized to send emails on your behalf. By doing this, you can prevent emails from being sent from unapproved sources that appear to be you.