Stop Reading DMARC Reports

Postmark gives you DMARC reporting data to read to enforce DMARC, Skysnag autonomously enforces DMARC on your behalf.
Get your domain to p=reject

Most companies using Postmark are on p=none, which means they can still be spoofed.

DMARC is only efficient when it is enforced. Enforcement means the DMARC record is at p=quarantine or p=reject.

DMARC at p=none

Postmark doesn't enforce DMARC

It is a common misconception that, since companies have the postmark DMARC record in their DNS, Postmark is handling their DMARC enforcement. Postmark only gives reporting data. If you wish to enforce DMARC, then you need to delegate DMARC to an enforcement tool. Skysnag is the only enforcement focused DMARC solution built to automate the process of reading reports and getting domains to enforcement.

How we stack up


Skysnag is the only autonomous DMARC enforcement focused software. Its user-friendly interface powers technical teams to enforce DMARC with no headache.

  • DMARC enforcement tool

  • Covers all authentication protocols dynamically

  • Forensic Reporting

  • Smart Alerts with detailed source inspection and source health

  • UESCS: Proprietary Universal Email Sending Control System that maps and matches IP addresses to email sending services. Provides a robust view of sending sources’ health and unauthorized sending sources.

  • Time-saving: handles the whole DMARC project and will notify is there is any action needed from your side.


Technical teams waste time, energy relying on Postmark's reporting tool. They will feel the headache trying to understand the reporting data, and most probably will not get the domain to p=reject

  • Only a monitoring tool

  • Static DMARC coverage only

  • No forensic reporting

  • Basic monthly report

  • Basic sources insight that depends on reporters names rather than actual sending sources

  • Requires hours to read reports and analyze them