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Skysnag enforces DMARC and SPF.

EasyDMARC is just a reporting tool without SPF flattening. Skysnag enforces DMARC and offers Genius SPF for flattening.

Skysnag: Get to enforcement and solve all your SPF issues

EasyDMARC and other basic solutions just don't cut it. They might give you a false sense of security, but they won't actually protect your domain and ensure full email authentication. That's where Skysnag comes in, with a full suite of functionality that will actually do the enforcement and get your domain to p=reject.
Trust me, you don't want to be sitting on the sidelines with EasyDMARC, watching the DMARC report river go by. It's a trap.

Why are companies switching to Skysnag

Choose Skysnag for complete enforcement levels on all email protocols including DMARC and for data enrichment using real-time SPF requests (beyond XML reports).

Cut down manual labor in DMARC

EasyDMARC demands a substantial amount of time from technical teams to read and comprehend reports, and to acquire an understanding of how DMARC operates. The software serves solely as a reporting tool that displays DMARC data in tabular format; all analysis and interpretation must be carried out by the user. On the other hand, with Skysnag, there is no need to read and analyze reports; simply add the record and Skysnag will do all the necessary work.

Data Enrichment & More Accuracy

Skysnag's real-time SPF feature offers valuable data for admins that EasyDMARC cannot provide. With Skysnag's software, it's possible to pinpoint which email is being used for spoofing within the company, as well as the IP address behind it..

Get to Enforcement

At Skysnag, we are committed to helping you achieve the best email authentication practices. We want to ensure that you never have to enforce a p=reject policy on your own. While having a p=none record may seem like a viable option, it is actually inefficient as it means you are seeing spoofers without taking any action against them. Skysnag’s autonomous solution can get you to a p=reject status and protect you from spoofing without any extra effort on your part.

Remove the Guesswork

The navigation of the EasyDMARC dashboard can be confusing, and it can be challenging to differentiate between legitimate sources. In contrast, Skysnag automatically identifies which IPs are legitimate, eliminating the need for guesswork.

How we stack up


Skysnag is the first email authentication company that completes enforcement levels on all email protocols including DMARC and includes data enrichment using real-time SPF requests (beyond XML reports).

  • DMARC Enforcement Tool

  • Comprehensive Dashboard

  • Genius SPF is available for self-serve users and premium users

  • Smart alerts with detailed source inspection and source health

  • UESCS: Proprietary Universal Email Sending Control System that maps and matches IP addresses to email sending services. Provides a robust view of sending sources’ health and unauthorized sending sources.

  • Time-saving: handles the whole DMARC project and will send notify you


Technical teams may experience some inefficiencies when relying on EasyDMARC's reporting tool. They may find the reporting data challenging to understand, and may encounter difficulties in getting the domain to reject properly.

  • Only a Monitoring Took

  • Static Dashboard

  • Genuis SPF only offered to premium users

  • Basic Monthly Reporting

  • Basic sources insight that depends on reporters names rather than actual sending sources

  • Requires hours to read reports and analyze them