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BIMI Digital Trademark
Issue a verified blue checkmark for your emails

BIMI Digital Trademark

  • Trademark Registration

  • Genius DMARC Enforcement

  • Hosted and Managed BIMI

  • VMC Certificate

  • Domain Guard

  • 360-day Data Retention

  • 24x7x365 Tickets + Chat

  • 100% Uptime SLA

Have your logo on every email you send

Stand out in a crowded inbox

20% increase Open Rates

Gain competitive advantage

34% increase in purchase intent

Frequently Asked Questions

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Skysnag email plans

  • How does Skysnag work?

  • Do I need a credit card to start my free trial?

  • What is Skysnag’s pricing based on?

  • Do you offer discounts?

  • I am not sure how many emails I send, how can I know?

  • I use Google Apps/Outlook, is my domain compliant automatically ?

  • Does Skysnag have access to my email?

  • What if my monthly email volume exceeds what’s mentioned in my plan?

  • If I want to implement the Skysnag’s solution on more domains, what should I do?

BIMI Digital Trademark

  • What is BIMI?

  • What does Skysnag handle for us?

  • How long does the process take?

  • Is a trademark required to get the blue checkmark?

  • In which countries will the trademark be registered in?