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Easily Clean your Email Lists

Enhance your email marketing return on investment by investing wisely. Our tools assist in locating valid emails, facilitating effective connections with your customer base. Elevate your inbox placement and open rates using our 99% accurate real-time email validation software, complemented by email deliverability tools such as email authentication, the digital trademark and sender reputation monitoring.

Unlock the Power of Email Validation for Improved Delivery Rates

Our email validation tool ensures that your emails reach the intended recipients and reduces bounce rates.

Increase Email Deliverability
Reduce Bounce Rates
Enhance Email Marketing ROI

Confidence in Your Email Campaigns

Our email validation tool offers a range of powerful features to ensure the accuracy and quality of your email list. With syntax checks, domain validation, and risk assessment, you can trust that your emails will reach the right recipients.

Cleaned of Temporary Email

We identify and clean temporary email so your future emails reach the target

Syntax Checks

Our email validation tool performs thorough syntax checks to ensure that each email address is properly formatted and follows the correct structure.

Domain Validation

Our email validation tool verifies the domain of each email address to ensure it is valid and active, reducing the risk of bounces and improving deliverability.

Higher Open Rates

With our tool combined with the digital trademark we offer, you will see higher open rates with your email marketing campaigns.

Eliminated Duplicated Emails

Our system discreetly verifies emails that are challenging to validate with precision.

Eliminated Unreachable Emails

Our system discreetly verifies emails that are challenging to validate with precision.

Accurate and Reliable Email Validation System

Our email validation system ensures accuracy and reliability, giving you confidence in your data.


Our email validation tool uses advanced algorithms to verify email addresses with precision.


With our email validation system, you can trust that your data is in good hands.

Simple and Secure Email Validation Process

Step 1

Upload Your Email List and Choose Validation Options

Step 2

Our System Analyzes and Verifies Each Email Address

Step 3

Receive a Detailed Report with Validation Results

Step 4

Download Your Cleaned Email List and Start Sending

Simple Pricing for Everyone

Our email validation tool offers a convenient pay-as-you-go credit system, allowing you to use our services whenever you need them. With this flexible pricing model, you only pay for what you use.

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Our minimum purchase size is 5,000 credits

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20,000/ mo 0.0045 USD
50,000/ mo 0.0036 USD
100,000/ mo 0.0027 USD
250,000/ mo 0.0018 USD
1,000,000/ mo 0.0009 USD

Included in all Skysnag accounts

1 Blacklist monitor scan

24/7 customer support

1 Email server test

Detailed validation status codes

Multiple API keys

Unknown results are free

IP address geo location

Volume pricing

Free duplicate email removal

Credits never expire

Boost Email Deliverabiltiy with Other Tools

Enforce the must have email protocols, maintain a high sender reputation, monitor your domain against blacklists

Email Authentication

Comply with Google’s announcement to enforce email protocols by 2024Enforce DMARC Fix any SPF & DKIM misconfigurations Visibility over your sending services

Digital Trademark

Have your logo on every email you sendIncrease open rates Elevate your brand recognitionStand out in recipients’s inbox

Blacklist Monitoring

Get IP, domain and mail server alertsDaily checks of over 200 blacklistsContact link to get delisted