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Manage SPF, DKIM, and DMARC autonomously.

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Unparalleled Email Authentication

Skysnag protects your domain from bad actors.

Most reporting tools cannot enforce the must-have email authentication protocol DMARC. Without enforcement, your domain name can be impersonated by abusers, resulting in blacklisting, low email deliverability, and low domain reputation.

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Trust your emails get delivered

Designed to keep your email sources healthy.

Email delivery can be complex and challenging, especially at scale. Our optimized email authentication infrastructure can help keep your email sources healthy and navigate the complexities of the email ecosystem. Skysnag provides autonomy for SPF, DKIM, and DMARC.

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DMARC with assurance

Gartner has placed DMARC as the top 10 projects to do in 2022. DMARC is widely acknowledged as a key, proactive solution for preventing phishing attacks.

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Trust but VERIFY

Verify proposed configurations and examine unusual activity across all domains and services with Skysnag extensive analytics.

Get over your fears

Skysnag's automated DMARC solution allows your business to confidently transition to enforcement mode without worrying about rejecting legitimate email.

Unparalleled control over Email

Eliminate barriers with UESCS.

Universal Email Sender Control System helps companies reveal any third-party sending email and catches bad actors attempting to send fraudulent mail.