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BIMI Generator

Is your brand's logo not visible next to your email in the inbox? Skysnag provides the best Free BIMI Generator tool, allowing users to click on your email with complete trust. Utilize our free tool to create BIMI records that you can add to your DNS right away!

What is BMI?

BIMI is a specification that permits the placement of brand logos next to verified emails.


A BIMI record generator tool assists you in automating the process of creating records for protocol. Use our Free BIMI Record Generator Tool to quickly produce a DNS record that is free of errors so that you can confidently add it to your DNS.

Why Do You Need a BIMI Generator?

Records that are manually created may have mistakes. Our BIMI generator streamlines and simplifies the protocol configuration procedure.

How do you Generate BIMI records on your domain?

You only need to enter your domain name, the URL for your logo image, and your Vmc Certificate Location then click "Generate BIMI Record" on the BIMI generating tool to finish.