Multiple SPF records on a domain?

June 22, 2022  |  < 1 min read

Can more than one SPF record be present on the same domain? The answer is no; if a domain contains more than one SPF record, SPF will fail with a PermError.

A TXT record in the DNS known as an SPF record is one that begins precisely with “v=spf1” and is followed by a variety of mechanisms and/or modifiers.

A domain’s TXT records with the identical first character “v=spf1” are fetched to start an SPF check:

  • It returns “none” if no such record is found 
  • If more than one such record is discovered, it returns PermError.

For instance, if has two TXT records:

Record TypeNameValueTTL
TXTyourdomain.comv=spf1 -allDefault
TXTyourdomain.comv=spf1 -allDefault

All emails sent on’s behalf will include PermError SPF authentication failures.

You must include all the mechanisms that have legitimate IP addresses in a single SPF record in order to fix the issue, as demonstrated below:

Record TypeNameValueTTL
TXTyourdomain.comv=spf1 -allDefault

All of these prerequisites must be satisfied for SPF authentication to succeed:


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