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Email doesn’t inherit authentication. Without DMARC enforcement, any SMTP server can use your business domain name to send out emails.


Without DMARC, hackers and other malicious users can impersonate messages, making them appear to come from your organization or domain. Turning off DMARC puts your users and your contacts at risk for spam, spoofing, and phishing.
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DMARC ensures the destination email systems trust messages sent from your domain. Using DMARC with SPF and DKIM gives organizations more protection against spoofing and phishing email. DMARC helps receiving mail systems decide what to do with messages from your domain that fail SPF or DKIM checks.

MTA-STS Record CheckerIs your organization thinking of increasing the level of security and encryption between sending and receiving mail servers? The MTA-STS checker tool has you covered. Check your MTA-STS record policy and validate your record immediately using our free MTA-STS Record Checker.


is an inbound mail protocol developed to increase the security and encryption between sending and receiving mail servers.

How does MTA-STS work?

A DNS record that instructs mail servers to download a policy file using HTTPS from a specified subdomain is how the MTA-STS protocol operates. This file includes the policy to be used for inbound communications, as well as a list of the recipient’s mail servers that have been verified and given permission to accept the messages.

What is MTA-STS configuration?

By requiring authentication checks and encryption for email sent to your domain, MTA-STS enhances Gmail security. TLS reporting can be used to obtain information about external server connections to your domain.