Delivery at any sending volume

Reliable delivery of your emails at any volume. Whether you’re sending millions of emails or just a few hundred each month.

Accomplish goals that matter to your business

Secure your domain from any unauthorized SMTP usage

Never land on a blacklist

Make sure your emails reach your audience not the spam folder

Improved campaign performance

Secure the Verified Blue Checkmark

Increase reply rates, brand recognition and purchase intent

We’re invested in your success

From setting up your email infrastructure to crafting your first email campaign, and sending to millions of contacts, we are here to ensure that your emails are heard, stand out in a crowded inbox, and represent your brand effectively.

Planning, Assessment & Configuration

Assess the current email infrastructure, including email servers, domains, and existing security measures.

Technical & Security Consulting

Monitor sending domain activity to detect any suspicious or unauthorized changes. Set up notifications for misconfigurations and potential attacks on the email infrastructure.

Overseeing Email Deliverability

Monitor your sender behavior, check content for email trigger words, and run blacklist scans. Run a pre-enrollment database scan and deploy a tool for email list clean-up.

Obtaining Digital Trademark

Validate all requirements for BIMI compliance, apply for VMC & trademark. Once everything is validated and ready, your brand logo will start appearing adjacent to authenticated emails in BIMI-supported inboxes.

Continuous Monitoring & Training

Set up continuous monitoring of email traffic, domain health, and sender reputation. Implement automated alerting for any anomalies or security incidents. Provide training to your team on email security best practices and recognizing phishing attempts.

Because you need a partner, not just a vendor

As a highly skilled team, we provide you with direct access to both our product engineers, not only during the highs but also when facing challenges. Gain access to individuals who truly understand your business.

Set-up, Scale and Hit your Goals

Our team will assist in onboarding, helps you scale to any email sending volume and makes sure you hit your goals.

Access to Domain Experts

Tap into the team that understands email infrastructure and has been building software for decades to tackle email delivery issues. Learn best practices and improve your email deliverability.

Critical Ticket Severity

Move past the crowd with critical ticket severity, ensuring that your issues are prioritized.

Security, without compromise

Secure your mission-critical application with the necessary safeguards. Benefit from access control, encryption, worldwide redundancy, and uptime guarantees to ensure your business remains uninterrupted and on track.

Single Sign On

Compatible with the most popular IdPs like Okta and support for both SAML and OIDC.

SOC 2 and GDPR

Actively pursuing SOC 2 certification and GDPR compliance.

Data Encryption

Industry-standard encryption at rest (AES-256) and in transit (TLS).

Uptime SLAs

99.95% server uptime with swift communications if something impacts your sending integration.

DDoS Protection

Automatically protect from DDoS attacks via counterfeit requests (Layer 7) or SYN floods (Layer 3).

API Key Permissions

Create API keys with limited access to your account and manage different permissions.

Automated Backups

Backups occur on a daily basis and are persisted for one week.

Global Resiliency

Prevent downtime by having domains configured in multiple regions globally.

Penetration Testing

Regular penetration tests conducted by third-party security firms.

Heba El Houjairy

Head of Email Deliverability & COO at Skysnag

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At Skysnag we have a professional team with a wealth of experience in diagnosing the root causes of email delivery failures and getting your campaigns back on the road to success.
We’re dedicated to making your email deliverability optimal and driving continuous business value.

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