Protect your clients with DMARC

The MSP/MSSP Partner Program helps your customers stay protected from cyberattacks and increases their email deliverability. DMARC is on the top 10 projects to implement, and Skysnag's proprietary automation technology saves you the effort and takes out the tedious effort of DMARC enforcement.

Skysnag Benefits

The only autonomous only approach to email authentication.

Outlook and Google Compatible

Our quick and easy onboarding takes 5 minutes and is compatible with Outlook, Google Workspace, and 500+ email senders with no effect on any of your clients' infrastructure.

Deliverability & Visibility

Protect your clients' domain reputation and increase their email deliverability by ensuring all their email senders authenticate the necessary email security protocols.

Spoofing and Identity Protection

Strict protection against exact domain impersonation that eliminates any possibility of spoofing.

Enforcement focused

Fully automated for DMARC enforcement as well as coverage of all email security standards (SPF, DKIM, TLS, MTA, and BIMI)

Beyond Reporting Tools

Don't waste hours reading XML reports and continuously modifying the DNS, with Skysnag your clients can get to strict enforcement compliance in weeks rather than months.