We’ve invested in stable email gateways, malware detection appliances, antivirus apps, and other tools to protect our company from malicious email. Why do we need Skysnag? 

Email is the key to your door inside your organization. Without direct domain protection, your domain name can be used to send any email to anyone. Skysnag is built on top of the DMARC compliance and is unique as it can stop 100% of all phishing emails sent from a protected domain, irrespective of who the sender and the recipient are. This level of protection is not obtainable from any other technology or security standard.

Can’t Google and Microsoft mail servers implement this protection for us?

The owner of the sending domain is responsible for publishing the right policies. Email receivers would be unable to authenticate emails or block spoofed messages that originate from that domain if those policies are not set. Google, Microsoft, and all email service providers support the DMARC provision but don’t set up policies for your domain which is the tricky and extensive job that Skysnag provides.

Does Skysnag access my email data?

Skysnag product is based on Domain-based Message Authentication, Reporting, and Conformance, DMARC. It is a widely accepted protocol designed to prevent bad actors from sending mail that claims to come from legitimate senders, particularly senders of transactional email (official mail that is about business transactions). Skysnag does not host any private information belonging to our clients. The only data we receive is your DMARC reports and alignments.

Are you able to read my emails?

No, we are unable to do so, the DMARC protocol does not allow this.

Where is Skysnag product infrastructure hosted?

The product infrastructure is hosted on Amazon Web Services (AWS).

Will my emails be affected?

Not at all, all incoming and outgoing emails will remain intact. Initially, we start with monitoring until we make sure that all your authentic email sources are authenticating successfully; afterward, we move you from monitoring mode to protection mode.

Would we experience any downtime on mail servers?

No, no modification is taking place on your MX records, all mail servers/senders will remain intact.