DMARC Enforcement

Unauthorized senders can use your domain name to send out emails without your knowledge.

Configure DMARC with Skysnag in minutes, and detect every sender who sends an email on behalf of your organization using our rapid sender detection technology.

Remove the need to go back to your DNS, allow new senders, and configure their SPF records autonomously.

Enforce your domain with a DMARC rejection policy with proper visibility.

Check if your domain is protected


Benefits of SkySnag DMARC

Easy Integration with Microsoft Office and Google Suite
Automated identification of the parties sending emails on your behalf
Guaranteed DMARC Enforcement with setting a policy equal reject in a short time with no technical expertise needed
An easy dashboard to authorize new services sending on your behalf
Reduced Risk of False Positives -> Legitimate emails won’t be blocked
No time consuming DNS updates - Risk free process
Skysnag’s high-efficiency engine removes DNS management and operates at scale to authenticate any volume of emails.

Efficient time to continuous enforcement

Skysnag enforcement runs efficiently and demands minimum resources from employees. In under 4 months, 90 percent of customers reach compliance, with a median time of 80 days to enforcement.

Enforcement in confidence

Skysnag allows you to recognize more sending services reliably than any other solution. Our enforcement tool can capture even a single email sent by a provider, ensuring that no successful email is blocked when you turn to compliance.


Skysnag's proprietary automation helps you to quickly auto-configure third-party sending services. Skysnag genius SPF technology dynamically overcomes the 10 domain lookup cap with no errors.
Visible Dashboard
Our dashboard gives you a full analysis of your domain's worldwide email traffic; you will be able to see authorized and skeptical emails and their hidden origins. Both unauthorized and legit emails will be monitored and quarantined. We will define your most attacked groups and configure permissions and restrictions based on each group’s status.
The particular groups targeted in your companies would be clear to you, encouraging you to implement custom strategies to guarantee that they are protected with enhanced security protocols. Our dashboard provides you with continuous security insights to keep you aware of securing your inbox from illegitimate and untrustworthy domains and contacts.
Discover all the services that are sending emails from your domain
DMARC is a famously backed protocol that eliminates email spoofing and phishing by protecting your organization's domains, so email can be sent by only authorized senders.
To configure and implement DMARC, IT professionals must first determine who is sending an email on their behalf, if it is fraudulent or genuine. This task is complex due to the difficulty of reading and interpreting the raw data in DMARC reports. Skysnag offers the most user-friendly dashboard that enables you to distinguish all services sending from your domains, including anyone who wants to fake your identity to phish your staff, partners, customers, or any stakeholders.
Identify fraudulent emails positioned as you
Your organization and your brand are at risk until you enforce DMARC because an attacker can perform email attacks that appear to come from a sender within your organization.
As these attacks are aimed at employees and executives inboxes, you become vulnerable to spear-phishing, executive spoofing, business email compromise (BEC), and other social engineering techniques, which can cost the company so much loss.
When emails are aimed outbound at customers or partners, they spread misinformation and mistrust and may even result in losses, which can permanently damage your brand. With Skysnag, you can get clear visibility into all email-sending services, grouping them into four categories based on their legitimacy. This makes it easy for you to identify all senders, allow legitimate senders and block others.