Brand Amplification – BIMI

Lift your brand and display your logo with every email you send

With BIMI and DMARC, you can boost your brand recognition and protect against phishing.

BIMI Benefits

Display your logo adjacent to your emails in customer inboxes on Yahoo Mail, Microsoft Office 365, and Gmail email clients
Millions to billions of new brand impressions in email marketing campaigns
Substantial increase in open rates in email campaigns
Control over how your company’s logo is displayed around the globe
Visual differentiation from your competitors in your customers’ inbox

Automated BIMI

Manage all BIMI records and logos from Skysnag’s dashboard.
Update the logos across all your emailing accounts in no time.
Manage your record from the Skysnag dashboard with no DNS updates.
Scalable for enterprises with numerous brand units and domains.

Compatible with

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Getting BIMI certified with Skysnag includes

DMARC Configuration

Logo Verification

Guidance & Support


DMARC: Foundation of BIMI

The goal of BIMI is to move companies and brands towards a strict DMARC policy of p=quarantine or p=reject to stop impersonation attacks. To ensure that the BIMI logo cannot be copied or spoofed, Google requires a Verified Mark Certificate (VMC) to verify ownership of the logo. Part of VMC provides a trademarked logo, but all of the qualification processes are included in Skysnag’s BIMI management program.